Sunday, December 06, 2015

Yay.... Lots of Improvement of My Dojo-Mates

Just recently we did some nikkyo in a Friday night class at Shodokan.  Usually I can just stand there and stare at them as they attempt to apply it.  This week however, I actually felt some decent nikkyo.  This is the first time in forever that anyone seemed to get it right.  Everyone is obviously learning.

After this morning's Sunday class, I spoke to Pete again.  He's finally figuring out that he shouldn't be resisting.  I think I have him convinced to stop for now.  I told him on a couple of occasions that he should just practice to build up some muscle memory.  That if he needed to use aikido somewhere, that it would likely start our messier than you'd expect.  Perhaps with a couple normal punches and blocks thrown.  However, if he had muscle memory built up that something will present itself and without thinking he will be able to pull off a technique.

The subject came up because during class, he was resisting a technique.  I could have forced it but it was much easier just to change the technique to Sankyo and dump him on his butt.  During another technique he asked if it could be done if someone resisted.  So I told him yes and focused his attention on getting kazushi.


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