Sunday, January 10, 2016

Did a Little Arnis

Had an ok class Sunday morning.  Peter was killing me withe first techniques.  He got it stuck in his head to do everything from a wrist grab with a tai no henko like entry.

Totally impractical from my view.  So we did a bunch of these.  One of them got a little dangerous.  Pete had us doing a shihonage and I got one of the beginners as a partner.  David is really learning fast.  Unfortunately, he took the shihonage way far out.  I was almost going to break fall for it when it loosened up.  As I went past I slapped his back.  Sometimes when I take ukemi I'll touch or grab on to my partner depending me what's going on.  At times it gives me a reference point.   At this point I was moving very fast to catch up with that kind of throw when I slapped his back.  Not hard, but enoug for him to notice..  He had this real funny look on his face and said.... Something happened.  I felt something hit my back.  I told him what I did and why.  Then I went over different forms of shihonage with him so he doesn't so that to someone else.  Doing that shihonage is fine if everyone knows that's what we are working on.  It also means you likely have to breakfall if they don't slow up.

I had him doing the way the instructor showed it so it was safer for now.

After class Chris was showing interest in the Arnis class that was running.  He wanted to try some of their knife defenses they were working on.  Russ asked if I would be a partner for Chris and I said sure.  Much smarter since we know each other well and we are better off hurting each other than someone in the Arnis class.

The first move was a cool arm lock.  It was sort of a tenkan irimi then you hook your arm on his and get an armbar.  At this point you could get lots of stuff going.

There was another one where you enter on the open side,  deflect right on right.  Use your left to control the hand and arm leading Ike forward by moving that direction.  Do a couple strikes to the ribs.  Then do this crazy arm lock that ended up like a wakagatami with the hand on your shoulder.

Overall I enjoyed the stuff we did.  I could feel when one of their people did something that she had me, then there was a hole in the technique and then she had me again.  There was a dead spot,  however, since they are striking, you could say that you wouldn't find it easy to take advantage of the hole.

I also felt a couple of times that I could regain my balance by shifting my feet in an unexpected way.  I didn't though.  For the most part I went along so I could learn.  I was not trying to resist stuff.

Certainly wouldn't mind doing that again.  Don't think it's more effective than aikido.  The mai for the empty hand stuff is closer than what we practice.  Russ had mentioned he had seen lots of cooperation in a lot of aikido but I see the same thing in Arnis.  But.... Then again maybe it's because of my body type that makes me think that.

In the end, joints move in a certain way.  All arts are going to have some similarity.

What I've found out is that apparently have a nasty streak hidden away.  During one of the exchanges, I was not doing the technique correctly and did a strike to the neck.  I kept it light but I think it was still uncomfortable for Chris.  I had Russ chuckling at that one.

Maybe next time I can get the Arnis folks to be a little meaner to me.


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