Monday, January 04, 2016

Great Morning

Got to the Sunday class at Shodokan yesterday.

Started with some ikkyo.  Did other techniques such as kiatenage and sankyo.  One of the beginners still has a tweaked elbow.  He finally learned to stick a big ass piece of red tape on his gi if the elbow brace isn't enough of a clue.  For sankyo I made sure I put no pressure on that elbow and he learned to take ukemi without a fight to let his elbow heal.  For the pin, I just reached past his elbow and pinned him using his upper arm and shoulder for that side.  I wasn't going to go anywhere near that elbow.

Moved on to taiotoshi.  This was super fun.  I expected the usual but as it turned out Sam was in the class that morning and he and I ended up being partners for that one.  We were experimenting with the direction of throw and rotation a bit when we both thought that straight down seemed to work better for what we were doing.  It was a strong shomenuchi attack.  I could do different things with it such as bounce him, take him back up and throw.  This wasn't what Peter was teaching so I went back to just taking it straight down.

So Sam and I are just pounding on each other, wham...wham...wham.  Two things popped into my head.  I get tired faster than I used to and.....   this is so FUN.  For the first time in a while at Shodokan, I was throwing somebody without holding back.  So I actually got to practice the technique.  Peter came over and watched me throw Sam and his eyes went wide with surprise at the intensity and said... "nice".  I looked at him, pointed a thumb over and said.... "well, I can't throw them like that".

After than we finished off with a hip throw.

I still like taiotoshi.  Very fun.


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