Friday, March 11, 2016

Open Mat Night

Only three of us showed, so we gave Mr/ Mulligan a break and had an open mat night instead of class.  Mulligan asked me to work on Tony's Tai No Henko.  Chris helped by describing that we are not pulling the hand / arm of uke but instead using that as a pivot point.

Despite this advice I could feel Tony coming in with a stiff arm.  All those years of judo have him doing this.  I told him that what Chris said was true but what is also good is to loosen everything up.  Instead of coming in with a stiff arm.... make his arms loose.  I reminded him that you could hold something and still have no power in your shoulder or elbow.

After some practice his left side started to feel pretty good.  The right side was still stiff.  By the time he sees this again in class I expect he will be starting from scratch again.  You never know.

Tonight I was looking over some youtube videos and I found this one.  I'm not sure at what point understanding came to me but I see what he's doing in this video.  I'm not sure if I saw this a few years ago that I would have understood what he's talking about.


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