Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Night Class

Mr. Mulligan taught tonight.  At one point he had us purposely had us doing sloppy shihonage allowing uke to turn out of it.  Sloppy is easy.  Then he asked us to do something else when we don't get a technique the first time.  I was doing all kinds of stuff..... found sankyo, kokyunage, aikiotoshi, kotagaeshi, udekiminage.just to name a few.  Piece of cake.

He had us doing other stuff.... something like a kokyunage you see on the typical black belt test.  But we started from static with a two hand collar grab.

We also did the four directions for shihonage.  Somewhere along the way, I actually learned these and know them.  So when he asked if we could do them without a demo, I was like.... "yes".

We did some other stuff as well.... class was moving along at a good clip with a minimum of talking for a change.  So I actually got a good workout.

It was good to see Buddy come tonight.  His back and knees aren't 100% so I try to take it east when I work with him.


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