Friday, April 08, 2016

Open Mat Night

Friday night started out small with just two of us hitting the mat.  On nights like this we typically give Mr. Mulligan the night off and just hold an open mat night.

So I asked Sean what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to work on the Shodan test.  Seeing as that's my next test anyway, that sounded fine to me.  We started out doing some tachitori.  Neither one of us remembered lots of sword disarms but between the two of us we managed a good number of them.  Soon after that we were joined by two other students.  One them wanted to work on his next test which was the third kyu test.

Although I'd love to do more of my test, I separated myself from the other two so they could focus on Sean's test and I could help Richard with his 3rd kyu test.

We made pretty good headway.  Richard even made a lot of improvement along the way.  The problem with Richard is that he usually doesn't come enough to retain what he picks up in class.  I'll still do my best to help him though.  He has a long way to go before he can test for 3rd kyu.

We got a good amount of his test covered when we hit a technique, I couldn't remember which variation we like to see on a test.  I had Chris come over and help us out for a few minutes with it.  Chris has a good grasp of these so he was able to show us what is expected.  Couldn't help myself on my turn while we were showing the technique.  I made comments as I went suggesting that you start the control early and never let up(sankyo).

Richard had his hand positions messed up for sankyo so we worked on that a bit.  He got a good enough sankyo at the end that he had me moving.


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