Sunday, April 03, 2016

When You Go Too Far

One of our newer people was out with an injury.  I hadn't seen him in a few weeks.  I saw him this morning.  This is the guy that resists a lot of techniques.  He thinks he needs to practice this way to get honest practice.  He just doesn't listen when people tell him he's not ready yet to resist techniques.

So, it turns out after talking with him, that the reason he was out was because someone liked his kaitenage.  They said... that was great, let me show you what that feels like.  Then they must have cranked away.  Now... since I wasn't there to watch, I have no idea if uke didn't bail or worst still resisted.  Or.... did nage crank the crap out of this beginner without thinking about whether he could take it.  No idea.  Wasn't there.

What I don't understand is how he could have gotten hurt with kaitenage.  You can always bail out of that one whenever you like.  I've never felt trapped taking ukemi for that technique.

I spent the whole class trying to baby his shoulder so as not to aggravate the inury to his rotator cuff.  I made sure I never stressed the shoulder.  If the technique required stress on that area I would do his right side instead or just skip the stressful part.  eg.  I did kaitenage on that side but after I got his head down I disconnected from his arm and instead did a hip bump to finish for that side.

I'm trying to keep this kid safe and even with his injury he learned nothing from it.  There was one technique during class today where he was stiff arming me trying to make it harder for me to do the technique.  So I just did nikkyo instead.  That was it for resistance for the rest of class from him.


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