Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yay Taiotoshi

We had a bigger Sunday morning class today.  There were six of us.  Most people don't like waking up that early so not many people go normally.

Peter had us doing some regular stuff.  At the end of class though he had us do taiotoshi.  So much fun both throwing and taking ukemi for that.  Buddy was in class and had me as a partner for this.  I offered to let him roll because I know he's been having back issues.  He insisted that he take a fall instead.  I said ok.... still tried to take it easy on him but did the throw.  He landed nicely.  In fact, his ukemi is finally getting softer.  All it took was some major back pain for him to rethink things.  As he's gotten older he's been trying to soften up some.  Never actually asks for help or advice though but he does watch and experiment.

After class there was an interesting discussion regarding how our dojo teaches.  Peter (The newer guy) watches a lot of aikido video.  He's most impressed with flashy demos.  Particularly stuff like "Real Aikido" and that guy that used to do the combative concepts video.  I try to explain till I'm blue in the face but Pete seems to have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to this subject.  He was suggesting to Chris M and I that our dojo should train a harder style.  He had Chris agreeing.  Then as support for the argument, Chris comments that he heard similar opinions from when John Rogers visited us.  That just started me on a tear.  I gave my opinion why Mr. Rogers should be ignored and gave highlights of one of his visits.  Makes me sad to think that Chris is the next generation of aikido that will likely teach at this dojo and he actually believes this.

Speaking of teaching.  Chris lately has been cross training in Arnis.  I think this is awesome.  I often watch them after class.  There are a lot of similarities in a lot of arts.  The human body only moves so many ways.  It's interesting to see how they get to certain techniques.  Anyway, Chris teaches Saturday mornings.  I'm not sure if it's a one time thing, once in a while thing or an every class thing but Chris has started teaching Arnis techniques in his aikido class.  Once in a while isn't a problem in my mind.  However, I would have waited for the beginners to get more aikido under their belt before confusing things.


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