Tuesday, June 07, 2016

All Kinds Of Stuff

Been a while again since I posted anything.  Lots of classes....  Been to a seminar.... watched a couple tests.  So there has been a lot happening.

The seminar was in Framingham with Irvin Faust and David Halprin.  It was busier than I thought it would be.  Both Yamada Sensei and Donovan Waite each just had seminars in the area.  I was unable to go to those.  I feel like I really missed out.  I thought that this seminar would not be too busy because everyone just spent their time(get spousal permission) and money at the more recent ones.  It was fairly busy with a large contingent of Canadians that came down.

Most of the stuff Sensei Faust was teaching involved unfamiliar body movements.  It was hard for me to fight muscle memory to do his techniques he reviewed that day.  I received a lot of corrections that day.  Lots of help!

Early on, Sensei Halprin did a fun Sumiotoshi where you drop to both knees.

The recent test was interesting.  There was a 6th kyu, a 5th kyu , and a 2nd kyu test I believe.  The 6th kyu test seems almost like a complete waste of time to me.  Although all the concepts in it are important, I'm not sure why the USAF added it to the official test syllabus.  Maybe they wanted to make sure that the content was covered.  I particularly like the 5th kyu test.  It was a strong test.  I know that afterwards I was told by the instructors that they thought this was a strong set of tests.  The testing really lets the instructors know where they need to spend more time.

Let's see.... other recent events include Shodokan's yearly major cleaning.  I know work on the roof was done, cleaning up outside and inside.  The mats got disinfected and cleaned down.  It's always amazing to me how dirty the rinse water looks when we do this.  The mat feels totally different afterwards too.  Before we did the mat I grabbed a duster and started knocking all the dust down off the tops of the light fixtures.  The amount of dust that came down was insane.  I felt bad creating more work for everyone but if you're gonna clean..... you might as well go for it.

Last night I went to class at North Shore Aikikai.  We did shomenuchi ikkyo omote and ura.  You may think this is basic but there was stuff there to work on.

I remember when I just started out and thought I knew how to do ikkyo.  Now, it's many years later and I'm still refining it.


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