Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Some Weapons Work

NSA knows that my jotori and tahitori need practice.  So we did some tachitori.  Did the really basic one where you just enter with a tenkan..... take a grip, angle the sword out and bounce him for a throw.  The second one was a udekiminage like take-away.

Got to work with one of the newer folks for a while.  He's this tall, solid, very strong guy.  Very fun body type to work with.  At one point in the practice I said to him.....  you are letting me do this aren't you..... I'd like you to just try to stand there.  So he does.... and I noodle around trying to work around his strength and position.  In one case I had the solution immediately.  In another case, I saw the problem but didn't have enough time to figure it out.  Later on, I realized it was totally a kazushi issue. He was so on-balance that there was no way I could have done the weapon take-away.

Then Rob tossed me around after class.  Which was a good idea as their newer people hadn't seen people taking bigger throws.  Something for them to look forward to.

One thing is evident.  Not sure if it's because I'm older or out of shape but I'm getting winded a lot easier nowadays.


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