Monday, October 03, 2016

A couple good jo techniques

Went to class at North Shore Aikido.  They know that I will be testing at some point and have mentioned I need brushing up on weapons so we did a couple of Jo waza that I really want to remember.

One was, nage holds the jo.  Uke grabs.  bring uke down and to the left, then around to uke's other side, then post up (uke is holding the jo but is extended upwards) as you tenkan, then throw.

Where this is different than any one I've seen before is that the jo goes from low to other side low and then to high.  What I've seen in the past is jo going from low to high and tenkaning inside or outside after uke is posted up.  Loved the variation he showed.

The second jo technique is when uke does the tsuki, you step a bit off the line to the right.  With your forward hand you blend with the incoming jo.  Run your hand forward along it's length until you get to the right spot and slowly grip giving uke a feeling of being pulled forward in a gently manner( as opposed to snatching the jo and pulling immediately).  So you make contact and close your hand in front of you and turn your hips, pulling uke forward and hopefully past you some.  Then bring the jo up in an arc, flipping it around using your other hand to push forward for the throw along with moving your whole body forward.

And.... we did some other stuff.  But these are the two I really liked and am going to try and remember.


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