Sunday, October 23, 2016

Explosive movement

No....  Wasn't me.   It was my kid.  We were out an about in town today.  There was a booth set up for the local tkd dojo.  They were letting kids break boards and doing promotions and such.  My daughter  is asked if she wants to break a board.  She says sure.

The chief instructor holds the board, she puts on her mitten for a little padding, takes a stance and pulverized the board with a very fast punch.  The instructor clearly wasn't expecting that much power from a skinny little kid.  What he didn't know is that my daughter has been training in tkd for years now and is very close to a black belt at this point.  The strike was so fast, the speed surprised me actually.  The instructor holding the board actually flinched back as board pieces flew in every direction.  I also heard a couple "wow"s from people nearby.

Of course these were kid boards.  Dried thinner boards that anyone can break with a good punch.  That doesn't take away from her good technique.  More proof that I have her in the right school.  I think her instructors would have been proud of her.


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