Sunday, October 23, 2016

It works better if you're bald

So years back we used to have this visiting sensei come from Japan every year.  One of the exercises he would have the students do is to put a round wooden block on your head.  Then you are supposed to maintain your posture as you attempt to move around the mat, do tai no henko, or even do a technique like kaitinage.  Peter likes doing this kind of practice.  We did way too much of it in this mornings class.  I think if I had less hair it would be easier.  Perhaps when my balding is more complete I'll be able to keep the thing up there.  I do pretty well for moving around but when I have a connection with someone I find it difficult to keep the block on my head.

We then did a couple of other techniques.  Nothing special.

I need to find a seminar to go to.  I don't want to say I'm bored right now but aikido has almost turned into a chore with the upcoming tests.

Next week I think should be a test night.  No idea who is supposed to test.  Actually, I'd really like to know how the test schedule was set.


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