Saturday, October 29, 2016

Smaller Class

So Friday nights are supposed to be for the up and coming dan tests prep.  Despite that very few people attended last nights class.  I think there were five of us eventually.  It started with just two of us.  Now normally that would be an ok sized Friday night class but the upcoming tests have people coming more often.

We did some tantotori.  We also did some exercises with jo and bokken.  One bokken exercise in particular I remember doing 11+ years ago at Bob's dojo in Gloucester.  We only did it once but the exercise stuck in my mind for some reason.

Doing weapons gets rid of the complication that one of the people now showing up for the friday night class is a relative beginner.  She can't roll yet.

I think they are starting a beginners class on Tuesday.  Maybe she should join in with them for the rolling portion of the class.


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