Sunday, November 20, 2016

More Dan Practice

Peter has been pretty good overall about trying to get us ready for the next test.

Today he was having us do an attack... and a response... then the same a ttack with a different response.  Some of them were very natural for me, Some weren't.

It was a terrific class.  For good or bad I am now seeing things that I learned at North Shore Aikikai.  I'll see an entry and think... that is a good entry... but I think it may be better kazushi if I add this....

Great class.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Line Night

Friday night class we did a bunch of line techniques.  Nothing amazing but it was fun.  What really made this an interesting night was that it was a test night.

Christina tested.  It was an excellent test.  At times in class I've seen her tentative and confused.  For the test she was very focused.  Not a perfect test by any stretch but it was one of the best tests I've seen in a while.  She didn't cover moretetori attacks but that was because they neglected to call them.  But frankly.... it just wouldn't matter.  Yes.  The test was that good.

Most of the techniques she picked were very direct and she blended well.  This is what made the test stand out.

I can only hope that I test as well.  After class Bob said she raised the bar for everyone.  That was a fair comment for sure.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Woo Hoo

Did a bunch of taiotoshi this class.

Did a tsuki version, similar to this....

I got to toss Joe around for quite a bit on this one.  Been a long while since we did a class like this.  Nice change.  And Joe's ukemi is good enough that I can actually throw.  It was a real treat.

At one point Matt and Rob were watching me and both commented on the same thing.  So Matt comes over to offer a correction.  Then later on Rob offers a correction for the same problem but stressing something different.

I commented on this after class.  It's fascinating that both of them were correct.  However, I found it easier to do the technique after Rob's explanation because for that problem, Rob and I were thinking along similar lines.  Matt was telling me not to take uke down so low because the recovery is harder to continue the technique.  Rob was telling me to maintain a lead and when he did it I noticed the slight difference in how uke's arm was turned to get uke up and off balance.  For some reason, seeing it and hearing his explanation helped click something in my head that went..... "of course" .  So I had a better time after that.

Sometimes it's Rob's explanation that makes the most sense to me, sometimes it's Matt's.  Heck... I've even had a beginner comment on something that helped things click in my head.  You never know why one explanation or another makes more sense but it does.

Sunday Morning Test Techniques

Peter had us doing all kinds of stuff that could be done for the shodan test.  Very helpful.

After class, I stayed with Chris to help Christine practice her weapons portion of the test.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Friday Night

Started out with some bokken exercises.  Then set the bokken aside for some empty hand exercises.
Not much comes to mind.  Did a freestyle with certain rules in place to reinforce the exercises in class.

I asked Amy if she wanted to stay after class to work on her ukemi.  Got a no.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Guest Instructor

Went to NSA last night.  Jimmy came back from retirement to teach a class.  Was good to see him again.

We predictably did tenchinage.  I dislike this technique.  There are 100 variations..... probably more and they all have problems.

I was doing ok but then went to change partners with Matt.  Matt is a gift to aikido students.  He is relatively new and hasn't practiced long.  However, he has a solidness about him and an intuitive understanding if he gets to feel something more than once.  He tends to resist techniques both actively and passively.  Which means an experienced person like myself can learn a lot from working with him.

For the tenchinage, he was only loosely gripping.  I didn't really have  a committed grab from him.  This makes it a little harder.  The other thing he was doing was disconnecting his center from his arms.  Because there was no push back the arms just kind of moved back.  This particular variation didn't seem to focus on the earth hand being low or the sky hand offbalancing so much as the stepping through with your body.  This meant that I was wasn't affecting his body much initially.  Then when I step through I'm pushing against an on-balance rooted big guy.  Not gonna happen.  I think for this technique to work well with him I need to off balance him.  Otherwise... it's just strength against strength.  And... he's a lot bigger than me.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Still Not 100%

Still feeling off.  This isn't a cold or anything....

Went to class this morning.  Peter had us doing some techniques from katatetori.  Nothing special.  Started with a nikkyo then moved on to a sankyo.

Not much to say about it.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Skipped Friday Night

It was kind of an accident.  I was feeling pretty ill starting around 3pm.  Went to bed and work up in the evening.  My intent was to take a short nap and head to class but I was so messed up I slept till late.... then started to feel better around 11pm.  Woke up a little tired but headed to a friends house to help him to some renovating.  Stomach was still tender.  Feel almost normal now.  I expect to get to the morning class.  Gotta watch out thought.  Changing the clocks happens tonight I believe.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Looking For Nothing

Class started off with a bit of a warm up.  Did some rolls from a line.  Nage was stressing keeping a straight back.  I really focused on this.  It was quite unnatural.  I'm mostly straight usually.... But I tried for ramrod, Steven Seagal straight.

We did a bit of kaitenage and shihonage.  There were three things stressed with Shihonage..... Getting inside the attack.  Basically you can line your arm up a certain way so uke doesn't feel like they can press against you in any direction.  As nage, you essentially give uke the feeling that you've disappeared.

The second thing was moving uke's arm into the direciton of an expanding circle.  Some even think of it as a spiral.  By taking this direction, uke is forced to take a big step around nage.  Gives you tons of kazushi,

The third thing was being mindful of where uke's balance is.  Is it on one side or the other of the feet and so forth.  This is the last thing I was looking at so I didn't get far trying to be sensitive in this.

I did a lot of them well... Others not so well and not all at once.  I'm still working the details out on these.  The good news is that I actually know what Rob is talking about when he's teaching this stuff.