Friday, November 18, 2016

Line Night

Friday night class we did a bunch of line techniques.  Nothing amazing but it was fun.  What really made this an interesting night was that it was a test night.

Christina tested.  It was an excellent test.  At times in class I've seen her tentative and confused.  For the test she was very focused.  Not a perfect test by any stretch but it was one of the best tests I've seen in a while.  She didn't cover moretetori attacks but that was because they neglected to call them.  But frankly.... it just wouldn't matter.  Yes.  The test was that good.

Most of the techniques she picked were very direct and she blended well.  This is what made the test stand out.

I can only hope that I test as well.  After class Bob said she raised the bar for everyone.  That was a fair comment for sure.


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