Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Looking For Nothing

Class started off with a bit of a warm up.  Did some rolls from a line.  Nage was stressing keeping a straight back.  I really focused on this.  It was quite unnatural.  I'm mostly straight usually.... But I tried for ramrod, Steven Seagal straight.

We did a bit of kaitenage and shihonage.  There were three things stressed with Shihonage..... Getting inside the attack.  Basically you can line your arm up a certain way so uke doesn't feel like they can press against you in any direction.  As nage, you essentially give uke the feeling that you've disappeared.

The second thing was moving uke's arm into the direciton of an expanding circle.  Some even think of it as a spiral.  By taking this direction, uke is forced to take a big step around nage.  Gives you tons of kazushi,

The third thing was being mindful of where uke's balance is.  Is it on one side or the other of the feet and so forth.  This is the last thing I was looking at so I didn't get far trying to be sensitive in this.

I did a lot of them well... Others not so well and not all at once.  I'm still working the details out on these.  The good news is that I actually know what Rob is talking about when he's teaching this stuff.


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