Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Woo Hoo

Did a bunch of taiotoshi this class.

Did a tsuki version, similar to this....

I got to toss Joe around for quite a bit on this one.  Been a long while since we did a class like this.  Nice change.  And Joe's ukemi is good enough that I can actually throw.  It was a real treat.

At one point Matt and Rob were watching me and both commented on the same thing.  So Matt comes over to offer a correction.  Then later on Rob offers a correction for the same problem but stressing something different.

I commented on this after class.  It's fascinating that both of them were correct.  However, I found it easier to do the technique after Rob's explanation because for that problem, Rob and I were thinking along similar lines.  Matt was telling me not to take uke down so low because the recovery is harder to continue the technique.  Rob was telling me to maintain a lead and when he did it I noticed the slight difference in how uke's arm was turned to get uke up and off balance.  For some reason, seeing it and hearing his explanation helped click something in my head that went..... "of course" .  So I had a better time after that.

Sometimes it's Rob's explanation that makes the most sense to me, sometimes it's Matt's.  Heck... I've even had a beginner comment on something that helped things click in my head.  You never know why one explanation or another makes more sense but it does.


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