Friday, December 02, 2016

Big Workout Tonight

Smaller class tonight 4 people.  Bob had us really moving tonight. We did a couple of techniques with partners.  Then we moved to do some line techniques.  Then it got interesting.

We got to do a kotagaeshi where you either finish by moving across towards the front of uke being careful to move uke such that you aren't in range for a strike.... or finish by sending uke backwards.  This was quite fun alternating between the two at will.  People were doing ok so I picked the pace up a little.  At one point I got the oohh.. ooohhh noise from Chris which is code for you pushed me past my comfort zone for ukemi.  I was watching him afterwards.  His biggest problem is that he stops moving after the initial attack.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Being an uke means you are an ACTIVE participant.  Stuff just doesn't happen to you.  You have to actively participate in the technique.  In the case of the kotagaeshi.  If he sees/feels nage moving him in a direction, he needs to also move in that direction.  Stay with nage.  That way you can take your ukemi comfortably.  If you just stand there after your initial attack, or course it's going to be uncomfortable.  By moving you can stay with nage, stay with the technique(without bailing on nage) and keep yourself safe.

There are days I want to teach ukemi to these people.  Most people could use some adjustments.  When I turned it up a notch although buddy was taking it fine, he over-rotated a bit.  He was a little out of position there.

Most of the time I can't throw people at Shodokan like I want.  I have to back off to keep people safe.

Bob had us pair off and try to stay connected and do some reversals.  Not sure if he had this in mind but Buddy and I just kept moving taking turns attacking... countering.... trying to counter that move and so on.  Maybe we totally bastardidized the exercise but  figured he'd stop us if he thought we were being dumb.  Things were going real well there.  We both did reversals and counters.  Then for some reason I got it into my head to connect my center to anything I did and I was pushing Buddy all over the mat with little effort.  He was working way harder than me trying to deal with it.  I was thinking of it as a combination pushing hands exercise/get a control and reversal.

Then we changed partners.  This time I tried pushing Sean around the mat.  Although, he couldn't replicate what I was doing, he did very successfully redirect most of my attacks,  I wasn't pushing him all over the mat.  If I moved forward, h blended to the side to slip the force.  It was very nice actually.  As for the reversals of techniques themselves, where Buddy was getting better reversals through positioning, Sean was using a lot of strength.  Not pretty but gets the job done.

Great class.  Really worked my tail off.


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