Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Shoulder Is Even Better

Slow going but after weeks of no progress my shoulder is better.

Went to class Sunday and Monday.  Can't remember much as usual.

Sunday I was feeling pretty bad off.  Not sure why.  Shoulder was still bugging me and my knee of all things was acting up.  What's the first technique Peter picks?  Hanmi Handache kaitenage.  Ugh...  It wasn't so bad that I couldn't suck it up and do it though so I stuck it through.  When taking ukemi for kaitenage I'm bailing a little earlier for that side.  Felt better by the end of class.

Monday night we did noodle around with a weird lead for kaitenage.  Sort of reminds me of doing a sky hand (from tenchinage) to bring uke up and forward.  Then let them fall and you do the kaitenage.  Not sure it's practical but it is fun.

Did some ukemi practice.  Opposite hand rolls.  No hand rolls.  These rolls are easy when I'm not thinking about it during a technique.  They seem to be harder to do when I'm thinking about it.  Still was able to do no hand rolls though without too much of a problem.

At the end of class Matt asked Andrea to attack me a bunch.  Good for her ukemi and doesn't hurt for my practice.  Unfortunately, I haven't felt good on the mat in weeks.  Moving Andrea was difficult because of the amount of resistance I was getting.  Good practice but not the kind of practice that would help me for a test.  Also... aside from resistance I put her in unfamiliar positions for ukemi.  To keep her safe I stopped the technique.

I'm a real mess lately.  Not feeling very smooth on the mat.


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