Saturday, May 14, 2016

Forgot It Was Friday the 13th

So tonight was a Friday the 13th class.  On these rare days, mr mulligan likes to hold a special class.  He covers techniques 'when things go wrong'.  Tonight we did shihonage reversals and resistance.  Also, did a wakagatami and a few other things.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Over at North Shore Aikikai, they are going to have a test soon.  I was able to help Joe out by being his partner.  Good practice for me to do these as I haven't seen some of these techniques in a while.  He'll be taking his 2nd kyu test.  I still don't feel like my endurance is back although it's better.

It's been good that we did some freestyle after class.   Did a little better than last week.  Tried to focus on entering more.

Matt and Rob were showing me a version of shihonage I typically don't like(reminds me of serge's version).  It is true that with this shihonage you are totally safe from getting hit.  For this version nage puts his arm under uke's and they have contact with uke and turn like a gear also causing uke to turn.  What I don't like about it is that this version of shihonage is frightening.  Matt says that the initial turning of the arm "puts them on notice".  I think that this isn't notice.... it's more like using an air horn an inch from their ear.  The technique is so tight at this point that you might get someone who tries to fight it.  Of course they won't be able to and they will just hurt themselves.  We can feel good that we can have control but it's cost is possible damage to a struggling uke.

So much of what I like to do is to try and get kazushi without uke realizing what's going on.  Much of my training at NSA involves the thought that uke is taken off balance but doesn't feel like he can push against anything and therefore doesn't try.  It's possible that getting this feeling is difficult or impossible for shihonage.  I don't know.

During the practice of this I turned to Rob and asked.... What Would Jimmy Do?  His shihonage doesn't turn uke by twisting him up.  He has your wrist and drives it forward in a circle.  Works great on people with tight shoulders.  Certainly less alarming.

Keeping in mind I am currently doing something different that often times has an opening big enough that uke can hit me.  Something to work on.  I either have to adjust my version by taking uke's balance more or pick a different version.

Serge Tested Friday Night

Friday night we had a test.  Usually on test nights, the class covers stuff that is never on the test.  Not sure why this is done.  Maybe it's to stop you from overthinking or tweaking a technique just before a test.

For this night we did a bunch of .groundwork.  All things like hooking the back of the ankle and pushing at the knee with the other foot.  Using bridging for escapes.... etc.

Serge did his 2nd Dan test.  Interesting test to watch.  He looked very comfortable with the weapons portion of the test.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Two More Classes

Went to Peter's Sunday morning class.  Also went to class tonight.

For a period of a couple weeks I had something that kept me away from the dojo.  Although I feel better now with good energy and no more symptoms, I get tired easily.  Not sure if it was because I missed class or I'm just getting old or something.  I don't have the endurance I swear I had 3 weeks ago.  Hopefully some will come back.  The break was just too much for me I think.

Tonight Rob was showing me a gokyo variation that was interesting.  I'm used to coming in, offbalancing a yokomen strike early and using the other hand as an atemi to the face.  Instead of an atemi, Rob was laying the back of his forearm on the upper body.  However, you have to keep it connected to your center and attack uke's balance with it.

Worked a bit on Joe's 2nd kyu test requirements.  Very good for me to work on to as its good practice.  I need the freestyle practice.  Not sure if I am out of practice or was having a bad night but I wasn't consistently entering.  And.... I tended to be grabby.  Grabbing right away commits you to a technique and at times can stop a technique.  I'm hoping it was just a bad night.

Not a Dan Test

Serge was supposed to go for his 2nd dan test on Friday night but the test had to be postponed.  We had a good sized turnout.  Even had a visitor.  There was this Dan that showed up who has a Ki Society Dojo.  Apparently he used to practice at Shodokan when it was on Canal St many years ago.

He was fun to work with.  I hope he had a good class.

Bob taught that night.  Nothing I can remember at this point but he did a class that moved a lot.  So I got a good work out.

We will try again for a test this week.