Friday, August 26, 2016

Reminds Me Of My First Dojo

So.... I drive to Shodokan tonight for class and I'm met with a note on the door that reads.....
Due to the Seminar at Portland Aikido we will have no AiKiDo class today.

Huh?  What does a local seminar on Saturday have anything to do with class on Friday night?  Particularly since it was likely that the usual Friday night attendees weren't all going to the seminar anyway.

I have no problem if class is cancelled, but communicating this to people beforehand might have been better.  Or if it was a last minute whim than maybe an email or phone call to the usual three or four folks that show on Friday nights.  I know I would have appreciated it rather than driving an hour for nothing.

Leaving a note on the door is useless.  The locked door told me we were closed.

My first dojo was a bit like that.  The owner was a bit inconsistent and we used to sneak in if the dance people were still there so we could at least work out.

I would much rather have had some open mat time then a closed dojo.  There were at least a couple of disappointed folks as I saw some handwritten comments on the note on the door.  Had the dojo been unlocked, I could have practiced with them.  Friday nights have been mostly open mat nights anyway.  I would have been happy to send Mr/ Mulligan home to put his feet up.  He deserves a break.  Actually, he's pretty much taken the summer off for Friday nights.  Which I have NO problem with at all.  Whatever he can manage to teach is fine by me.  If all he can do is hang out on the side of the mat and coach us a bit, it's most welcome.  It's been pretty hot out and it can't be easy for him.

I toyed with the idea of going tomorrow morning but I can almost guaranty that the morning class is cancelled as well.  Now, I'm wondering about the Sunday class.

Most times this kind of thing happens is in the winter.  Class gets cancelled and no one calls or emails to tell me.  So I drive through crappy snow conditions to be met with the locked door.  Pretty much happens once a year.  There is room for improvement here.

The odd thing is that it appeared as though the lights were on in the wooded floor area and the windows were wide open.  That means that Alex was up there practicing his stuff.  No reason to lock the door if he was already in there.  I could have yelled up to have him let me in but if the couple aikido people already came and went there was no reason for me to stay.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

More Deflections and Other Stuff

We've been on a roll lately at NSA.  We've done the deflections class a couple times.  I could do that one every day for a couple months and still work on stuff.

This past Monday we did a little more than just that.  The thought was that Rob was showing structured vs unstructured approaches to techniques.  Structured techniques as I understand it create an earlier connection/commitment by nage with uke.

An example would be for say udekiminage.  A structured version of the technique would be that you engage uke's arm/elbow early.  An unstructured version may be that you guide uke's arm to the place you want it and then engage a connection after you've placed uke in a good place.

Where is that good place?  You sort of have to feel the balance being lost by uke.  I had mixed success at this.  It will take some time doing this before I really get it I think.  I understand the concept and can apply it but not consistently enough.

So.... where do they come up with this stuff??