Sunday, September 25, 2016

No Chris Today

I heard from someone that he was going to be taking Sunday's off for a while.  Might be totally just him needing a break, or maybe it had something to do with last week?

So, I was about 45 seconds late for class.  Two other people including Chris were late as well a bit after me.  Thing is.... Peter HATES it when students are late.  He was so cheesed off at us he had us wait and would only wave us on the mat when the warm up session was over.  Then picked a newer person (who showed up on time) to do demos.

I thought the delay a bit unnecessary but I understand where he's coming from.  We really should be on time( a bit early even ).

Now, call me a disrespectful dick but I refused to do any practice until I had a chance to warm up and stretch out.  So I watched everyone else do their thing so I could spend a few minutes warming up.  If Peter had a problem with that I would've walked off the mat.  No reason to expect a student to practice without stretching out or warming up first.  I consider it a safety issue.  So we finished the class with no other events.

The student named Peter still has a bad shoulder.  So we worked on the other side.  Then he tells me he can't do the turnover for a pin because rolling on the shoulder hurts too much also.  So I think about it for a second and start using a different turnover.  One that wouldn't strain his shoulder.  You step in front of uke's shoulder and pull the arm around.  The resulting armbar forces uke to turn over by almost sitting up.  There ya go.... no strain on the shoulder.

I'm thinking Chris got a bit twisted up being forced to wait last week.  Or.... maybe he's just needing a break.  Whose to say?  No idea.

This week the other late person and myself were on time/early.  So it had the desired affect.  Of course, Buddy showed up 15 minutes late or so but nothing was said or done about it.  He was just waved on as normal.  In fact, later on in class Peter pulled me aside with him so Buddy could work on his black belt test.

Buddy was told to just do lots of sword and jo stuff and I was told to just take ukemi.  No practice for me I guess.  However, Buddy is testing on Friday so he needs the time more than I do.

I'm thinking Peter needs a week off.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Some Weapons Work

NSA knows that my jotori and tahitori need practice.  So we did some tachitori.  Did the really basic one where you just enter with a tenkan..... take a grip, angle the sword out and bounce him for a throw.  The second one was a udekiminage like take-away.

Got to work with one of the newer folks for a while.  He's this tall, solid, very strong guy.  Very fun body type to work with.  At one point in the practice I said to him.....  you are letting me do this aren't you..... I'd like you to just try to stand there.  So he does.... and I noodle around trying to work around his strength and position.  In one case I had the solution immediately.  In another case, I saw the problem but didn't have enough time to figure it out.  Later on, I realized it was totally a kazushi issue. He was so on-balance that there was no way I could have done the weapon take-away.

Then Rob tossed me around after class.  Which was a good idea as their newer people hadn't seen people taking bigger throws.  Something for them to look forward to.

One thing is evident.  Not sure if it's because I'm older or out of shape but I'm getting winded a lot easier nowadays.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Free Style Practice

Bob taught again last night.  I got caught up at work.  Boss calls me in a meeting ten minutes before the end of day.  Not fun.  However, we at least got some stuff accomplished so at least it wasn't a waste of time.  Unfortunately, it meant I ended up being about 10 minutes late for practice.

There has been a lot of attendance suddenly for the Friday night classes.  What I didn't know was that all the ikkyu that have been around for a long while are being prodded to test.  So, they are all showing up for class now.

Bob had us focusing on movement during a freestyle.  We did several exercises intended to help us learn to control the mat when you have multiple attackers.

We also did some exercises where uke goes to strike and nage reacts by entering before the strike develops.  I managed to get myself punched in the jaw/mouth a couple of times(lightly).  Seems strange when other times people have done a strike at my face and I've instinctively done something.  Not sure what was different last night.  In an actual fight I don't think I'd allow someone that close to me without my initiating something.

Fun, vigorous class.

I still think I need jotori and tachitori practice.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Went to NSA last night for class.  They have a new beginner over there but I didn't work with him.  He was rolling really well for someone just starting out.

We did a lot of ryotetori attacks.  I was noticing things which is good.  At one point I realized there was a lead that I wasn't giving at first.  I like when I see stuff like this.  Means I'm still paying attention and still learning.

We also covered tenchinage.  One of my least favorite techniques but there is a lot to look at.  There is a lot to work with when you have that much contact with your uke.  I have a tendency to drag uke on top of me for some versions of this technique.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bob Is Teaching Again

Friday night, Bob taught.  Mr. Mulligan mentioned Bob coming to teach Friday nights in September.

We started out with the 31 jo kata.  Peter has us doing a bit of it on Sundays so a couple of us knew this kata.  It gave us a chance to practice some details though.

After that we did a bunch of jo tori.  Then we did some moretetori with the same thought in mind as we had with the jo.

Good class and a good pace for a hot night.