Monday, January 23, 2017

Better Do Some Rolls

Sunday morning was interesting.  Peter had us warm up as normal.  Then in the middle of the warm up he said..... I suggest you all stop and do some rolls.  Then we finish as he calls for class to start.  He immediately tells me to go down one end with everyone down the other end.

Surprise!  Randori warm up.  One of the newer people Peter comes at me the fastest.  I move a little right so that as he advances, he'll block the guy on the right.  Then the craziness starts.  Peter immediately starts resisting technique.  I don't mind at all, and kind of smile.  Peter actually yelled at him to stop resisting.  He thought you were supposed to resist during a randori.  Very few dojos practice regularly in this way.  Usually you need a good committed attack.  It's not often Peter looks that annoyed at someone.  Hadn't heard him raise his voice in a long time.

So we get through the so so randori.  I've done better other days.  Not too bad considering it was first thing Sunday morning.  I'm not a morning person.

Then we practice a bunch of test like techniques.  Certainly helps.


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