Saturday, January 14, 2017

So Much Better

Got to class tonight despite my back being a little touchy.  I was like a creaky old wagon when I first got on the mat.  After a while I started loosening up.  Then I started moving more like me again.

Felt really good to finally be on the mat again.

Bob had us doing these exercises to take kazushi and throw while trying to stay soft.  Then later on he wanted to use these same movements to do a freestyle of sorts with 4 people attacking slowly from different sides.  I had a couple moments that things felt nice in there.  Some of it was eh....

Was actually kind of tough to do this and not do a regular technique.  Was quite fun though.  Mr. Mulligan saw my freestyle and seemed to like it.  He came over to watch everyone for this part.

Had an interesting thing happen while in class.  Bob was showing us something and wanted to show that you could strip your hand out from a grab and backfist the face.  I was uke for this.  I had no idea he was going to do this and I automatically blocked the strike with a shomen-like block in front of my face.  It happened so fast there was no thought involved.  Another example of me covering my face.  It happens more than it doesn't nowadays.

Oddly enough when I'm hanging out with friends and one of them playfully reaches out to smack my head(not something that happens often but has happened a couple time since I've been training).... I don't react.  Perhaps, because it's happening so slow, I don't register it as a threat.


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