Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunday Morning

Since I helped a friend with some construction all day Saturday, I went into the Sunday morning class tired.

Didn't take too long to get back into the swing of things.  Peter was challenging our memory by showing us 4 techniques at once for us to practice.  The whole class seemed to need reminders of what all the techniques were.  It was so pitiful, Peter was laughing.  Very funny.  I was among the confused.  By the end I had all four though.

Then Peter was doing a very unusual entry.  A deflection/grab for tsuki with the other hand reaching up to the opposite shoulder.  Your own arms end up crossed.  It didn't feel natural to me at all.  Definitely not one of the "go to" things I would end up doing.  There was an infinitely easier entry to get the same techniques done but I did it Peter's way.  I like to try stuff out and looked at it as a challenge.

By the end of class we were doing a couple of hip throws.  Peter said to just lift and not throw.  My partner who is really a beginner threw me anyway.  And..... kept throwing me.  It was a little annoying because I was tired from the construction but not a huge problem.  Until.... a couple of the throws were done poorly.  One had a bad angle, which I adjusted my ukemi for.  The other one was bad because he had both my arms and after the hip throw sort of threw me to the ground.  I had no slap hand.  He hadn't done the previous throws that way so I had no warning.  As I'm going down, I'm internally shaking my head going eeeeccchhhh.

My right shoulder which wasn't 100% healed up is complaining a little more today.  Instead of being at 95%, I'm back to 75% on that shoulder.  I had him doing the technique better by end of class.

I don't like his unpredictability.  I'm pretty sure he decided throwing me because he knows I can take ukemi.  I didn't want to discourage him because he was mostly doing ok.  Until he randomly didn't.  On the last throw I bailed on him and didn't wait for him to finish the throw and just went over anyway.(he had started out fast and then stopped.  to be extra safe I kept going).


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