Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Worked on "ick"

Went to class Monday night.  Rob had us working on a version of ikkyo.  This is the second class in which I saw this.  I did a better job and was getting it.  But not 100% consistent.  I Need more practice with this to be able to pull this off easier.

What's different about it?  With normal ikkyo we are taught to push through our uke.  Or if he is too tall, we take uke off to the side.  With this version you are entering and blending with the strike and pulling uke in before taking them out over their hole.  The sucking in part would start out looking like a shomen block with you scratching your head with your thumb.  Uke rides forward on that.

Blending was something that I wanted to work on anyway.  I can be a little clashy at times.


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