Monday, February 20, 2017

Another Disappointing Conversation

Had a great class on Sunday.  Peter had us doing mostly ryotetori attacks and responses.  At one point he said just come up with whatever you like so I set up a nice taiotoshi.  He came over and asked me to do it a few more times so he could check out how I was making a hand transition.   That's what I like about Peter, he's always willing to learn from anyone.  He has an open mind.

The sad conversation was after class.  I was talking to a student who has been around for about 18 months.  That's a good chunk of time.  Basically, he's yet another person that wants to see a street version of aikido.  He and others want the aikido program to just be a self defense course.

I tried to suggest to him that before he goes about changing anything, maybe he should learn aikido more in depth first.  My suggestion was totally lost on him.

Things aren't any clearer to him when he and another student start (mutually) grappling in the corner on Saturday while a beginners class is going on.  Totally giving the beginners the wrong idea about what aikido is all about.  Also, just reinforcing for them non-aikido.  Nothing wrong with cross training but we should really keep it under the direction of the teachers.

He's all ready to alter his version of aikido for street use.  Meanwhile, he can't even forward roll properly yet.  18 months and he can't get a live toe down.  Not sure why his teachers aren't nagging him about it.  I mentioned it to him in the past but since I'm not his teacher there is only so far I'm willing to stick my nose in where it doesn't belong.

Maybe the dojo should open up a Krav class.  6 months and you can be street effective, decimating anyone that you come into contact with.

The future of soft aikido here is grim.


At February 20, 2017 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One strike in Aikido can kill. When practicing always obey your instructor and do not use training time for needless testing of strength. ~ Ueshiba Morihei


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