Sunday, February 12, 2017

Big Class This Morning

Pete had six of us on the mat this morning.  Most people don't want to wake up for an early class.  It's good to see people come.

For the most part Peter was starting us out with an unusual opening.  Start with a cross hand grab to the wrist.  He was moving the wrist to the inside in a shihonage-like manner, then grabbing the wrist with the other hand, using the first hand to start an armbar in a vertical direction.  We got a few techniques off of that.  One of them looked very much like seoi nage.  They were fun to noodle around with.  Great class.

One of the surprise students was Buddy.  I don't get to practice with him enough.  He works odd shifts.  Sunday morning is actually a good class for him but it's tough to get out of a warm bed on a Sunday morning.  Working with him can be fun.  We were doing nikkyo at one point.  I was having trouble on one side breaking his grip, but I realized I didn't have to and ended up trapping his hand and doing the snake around the tree kind of thing for a nikkyo instead.

On his turn, his right side was fine.  Maybe could use a little fine tuning but when he did nikkyo, I had to hit the mat.  He also was moving at a good pace the whole time, so he was really keeping me on my toes.  His other side, I barely felt any nikkyo.  After class I mentioned that he had a way better side and I told him I'd be willing to just take ukemi for him if he wanted to work on it.  He appreciated the offer but had no interest.  He's usually pretty tired after a class.  Even still, I must think differently than others.  If someone offered to help me work on improving something and I had the 5 minutes.... I'd be all over that.

Actually, after class our 5th kyu Peter wanted to show me a jujitsu technique that was done to him.  I said sure.  It looked a lot like a gooseneck nikkyo.


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