Sunday, February 19, 2017

Helping The Next Tester

So Friday night was quiet.  A string of people called the dojo to declare sickness.  So it was just myself, Chris and John.  John wants to test soon for Shodan so I figured we could go over his test.

Test isn't for 2 or 3 months out but he really needs the time.  We would go through each attack and a lot of the time he looked like he was thinking a bit much about possibilities.  He was stuck a lot on coming up with 5 techniques.

I'd also like to see him work on his sensitivity.  I'd almost call his shihonage dangerous.  I don't think he is aware of how tight things are.  Also, he uses a ton of muscle.  The guy is real strong so when he uses muscle he has no idea how hard he's actually pushing his ukes.

Mostly for the practice I tried to let him just go through as much as he could.  Chris on the other hand was trying to teach him stuff that he wasn't doing before.  In my mind the best thing you could do for him is teach less and practice more.  He needs to build up memory.

At one point though they did ask to see something very different.  So, I threw Chris with a straightforward taiotoshi.  Sure enough, I got the response I expected.  Some "oooohhh....ooohh" noises and he resisted the technique a ton, and took a not too good looking ukemi.  This is why I didn't pick this when he was my partner for my last test.  I know he's not comfortable with the ukemi.  Chris was expressing interest at one point in learning an advanced ukemi but then told me he'd rather someone guide him through it rather than him trying it on his own.  Personally, I'd be happy if he just learned how to do a regular breakfall comfortably.


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