Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Kids Are Doing Nikkyo

I have my kids going through Taekwando training at another dojo.  They came home from class to show me something they were learning.  It looked a lot like nikkyo.  Lots of people who cross train will tell you that the body only moves so many ways.  So different arts will often mess with the same joints in the same way.  The nikkyo they were doing was different then a standard aikido version but essentially, that's what it was.

Later on in the evening(yesterday) the kids were talking about my test again.  They liked the freestyle part the best because that looked fun to them(they do advanced sparring, but it's mostly 1-1).  The rest of the test I explained to them what I've heard Mr. Mulligan say before every test.  "That we are not interested in speed.... we are looking for kazushi".  It was more important that I do the technique well than what technique is chosen.  This is what tests are judged on.  The kids were able to grasp this quite easily.  When asking me for an example, I showed them a spot in my test where I was given a yokomen strike and in receiving it, as part of the technique I took my partners balance forcing him to take a big step around.  This is the kind of thing that is looked for when judging the test.


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