Friday, February 24, 2017

More Realistic Strikes

Went to class tonight at Shodokan.  Surprised to see certain people on the mat as it's not their normal practice night.

Bob was teaching.  Mostly, he had us practicing deflecting incoming strikes.  At first it was the usual exaggerated tsuki to the face.  Then it moved on to a a more realistic strike to the midsection where uke pulls his fist back.

Not a bad thing to practice once in a while.  Now, you might think... wait a second, doesn't he complain about people in the dojo doing realistic responses?  Well, in this case, this was different.  Uke is giving a realistic attack and rather than strike as a response, we were simply deflecting the attack and/or entering depending on the exercise.  So, I was able to take this class and practice blending which can be a challenge for me at times.  For the most part I was blending well.

Later on I switched partners to a different uke.  I was having trouble doing much with his attack when I realized that the mai was all wrong.  He wasn't even hitting me if I stood still.  So I explained he was too far away if he really wanted to hit me.  After that, I was able to enter and do something.

Not my favorite kind of class to have but its good to do these so you're used to having someone try to actually hit you in the face.  During practice tonight I covered up without thinking about it a couple of times when someone unexpectedly struck towards my face.  Always happy when that happens.  Makes me think if someone actually tried to surprise me and hit me I might actually do more than just stand there and take it.


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