Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Some Nerve

Rob actually suggested I bend my knees.  Crazy thought.  Then all of a sudden the technique was easier.

We did a bunch of stuff Monday night.  Tenchinage, katatori kokyuho, some sankyo.... some nikkyo.

They have a student there who is stupid strong.  And... he's very good where if he sees a technique a couple of times, he knows how to make it difficult for you to perform it.  So he is an excellent partner to really figure things out.  At one point they were doing nikkyo and experimented with ways to get the nikkyo when he was actively fighting it by stiff arming you.

They eventually figured out a way around it.  Then had me on Monday night try the same thing.  I was a little different but eventually they figured out how to get around it in a soft manner.  It was ridiculously strong.


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