Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Still No Ukemi Improvement

Every Sunday at Shodokan I watch this newer student Peter.  He's been learning.  but for whatever reason, even his forward rolls aren't there yet.  Everything about them is generally fine but he doesn't come up in live toes.

In the past I've mentioned it to him.  I've got him at least fixing it before he gets up (something Matt has beginners do over at NSA).  But as a habit, he just doesn't do it right away.  I've gotten him to do it once or twice one class.  It's hard to help someone like that when they show no interest in improving and i can only help them before or after class.

Anyway... Peter(the instructor) had an interesting class.  He was also kind enough to congratulate me on my passing my Shodan test.  He seemed genuinely glad for me.


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