Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Test Night at North Shore Aikido

The beginning of the class was the most amusing.  I walk on to the mat and there was a pretty full class present for test night.  I finally wore my black belt and hakama.  The entire mat full of people were staring at me.  Like they were all in  shock.  It was like one of those movies where the party is going on and then someone walks in and then you hear the record scratch and dead silence....  That was me.... I walk in with just a black belt on and carrying my hakama and then.....


I think everyone had to digest the picture.  Some of these people have practiced with me for years.  I'm not used to the attention.  People will get over it fast I'm sure.

I struggled to get my hakama on for the first time.  Turns out I need strap extensions cause I'm fat.  Frankly, you'd have to have some small hips to not need extensions for this hakama.

I liked the length of the hakama.  It might be a tiny bit on the long side.  I wasn't tripping over it much.  I got my foot caught in it once trying to get up.

So we do some generally basic techniques before the test.  One of them was a strange yokomenuchi  iriminage.  You enter in and take the striking hand in a shihonage like grip, keep moving aroind leading uke and do the iriminage.  I was wrestling with it a little but got the gist of it I think.  At one point my partner said something about my having a hakama so I should exactly know how the technique is done.  I take all comments like that at face value.  I lost my ability to recognize sarcasm at a company I used to work for.  They were so screwed up, everything they did you thought was a joke until you found out they were serious.  Anyway..... she said she expected me to know the technique perfectly because I had a hakama.  I laughed.... and said absolutely not.  Extra clothes haven't as yet granted me with super aikido powers.  I have to continue learning like everyone else.

Then we started the tests.  Overall they were great tests.  A couple of the techniques even looked pretty.  Ukes did a great job for their partners.


At March 06, 2017 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember, the Japanese look at Shodan as having graduated from Kindergarten.
Now you're in the first grade, ready to start learning.

At March 07, 2017 12:37 AM, Blogger Poxbox said...

I know a lot..... but I'm still learning. With any luck I'll never give up trying to learn. I've seen some very talented people stop learning and I think it's a shame.


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