Friday, March 17, 2017

Another Week??

Don't know how the week got away from me.  Sunday, Peter taught a good class.  At the end he wanted Chris and I to throw each other and practice breakfalls.  Chris really needs the practice so it wasn't a bad idea.  At one point he was getting more comfortable with them.  Then lately he's been tentative again.  If he's interested in learning to be comfortable again I'm happy to work with him on it as much as he likes.

After class, Peter(the student) and I worked on his breakfalls together.  Nice to see someone hang around to try and learn ukemi.

Monday night was just more confusion as usual.

Tonight, Bob taught.  It was a weird mix of students.  It used to be that Friday night was for advanced students only.  This was to give the more advanced students a chance to really work on stuff with people that can handle it.  I'm of a mixed mind on this.  On one hand it would be nice to be able to not worry so much about hurting folks.  On the other... I like working with less advanced people because when I see something I perceive as wrong, I may question what I'm doing.

Tonight we had Rich in class who is a 4th kyu who doesn't take ukemi well.  We had John who although is a 1st kyu, REALLY doesn't take ukemi well.... some of that is age and a lot of it is that he never really learned proper ukemi.  He barrel rolls a lot.  Always did.  I don't think I've ever seen him take a high fall during practice(at his age, may be a good thing to avoid).  But hell... he really should learn to roll so that he isn't hurting himself.

So at the end of the class Bob has us do a randori practice with this group.  Never a bad thing.  But it was kind of tough when I get Rich in a shihonage and he's in a position for a breakfall.... I have to let him go because he can't take that fall and I'm not going to finish the technique and hurt him.  Then John, just simply doesn't want to take ukemi and fights with you(resists technique).  I try real hard to do things to him that would be effective and not hurt him.  It's a real challenge.  All I want to do is slam him but I can't/won't do that.  Heck during class I had to back off just doing a regular kaitenage to him.  His ukemi just isn't there.  Sometimes it's annoying because he often thinks your technique just sucks.  He doesn't realize that people have to back off to stop from hurting him.  Maybe I should hurt him a little to get him to stop resisting.  I'd rather someone teach him better ukemi instead.  Now that I think about it... when we were doing kaitenage from a wrist grab, you would sweep down and he would let go rather than bend over.  If this happened in a situation, I would change to something else instead.  The other thing I saw him doing was using muscle knowing where you were headed to try and stop you unless you did it the way he wanted you to.  I'm at a point where I understand what is working and what isn't and why.  He just isn't a great partner to work with.

I had two interesting moments for my randori.... one was when it first started, I chose to ignore the first persons attack by suddenly speeding up and changing the mai.  Happened so fast, he didn't have time to react.  So I pass him by and went to the next guy.  The second interesting part.... I had someone behind me and I was dealing with Rich in front of me.  I did something like a kotagaeshi and then twisted inward and ducked under for a kokyunage.  Not bad... but Bob had what I think was a good suggestion.  To let go of Rich and back up(duck under) the person behind me(for ikkyo or something).  That would have gotten me to the outside of the circle and dealt with the guy behind me quicker.  Good idea I think.  I don't think someone in Rich's position could react fast enough to follow me.  Especially since I had the guy behind me to interpose.

We also did some line work earlier in class.  Bob showed his way of doing certain techniques.  I tried very hard to emulate them when they differed.  Still not convinced that's the version I would change to instead of what I'm doing now.  Still, it's nice seeing another point of view.

Also worked on brush blocks to the midsection and face.  A lot of focus on atemi again.


At March 20, 2017 10:33 AM, Anonymous Rob said...

We all have people that frustrate us for exactly the reasons you wrote about this week. It is my opinion that these are the people we have the most to learn from. When you can make a technique work well without hurting your partner and without resorting to strength then you have gotten to a point in your training when you really can execute the technique on anyone. That does not mean you cant make it uncomfortable for them. You must somehow compel them to fall. I like stickiness and off balancing into the hole, but a little more tightness on the elbow or wrist is sometimes the ticket. You can always lead them into a role instead of a high fall except koshinage and if they cant roll that is their problem at forth Kyu. It does not help them to disengage. It is also wrong to allow them to think that your technique sucks. Keep at it and in a few years you will see how helpful your most frustrating uke's really are to your development.


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