Friday, March 10, 2017

One More Time

Bob couldn't make it tonight so Mr. Mulligan taught the Friday night class.

He picked some techniques and stressed to us how he would like them taught in the future.  This class is the batch of yudansha will be teaching future students.

Was a pretty good class.  One of the things that struck me.  For a yokoment response, Mr. Mulligan asked us to sweep the hand down to our center and take it low.  I saw how that worked to take peoples balance.  However, because of my other training where we attempt to dissect technique, I think I see why.  It's really the ever-expanding circle concept I've seen before but the circle is in a different direction/orientation.  Very cool.

Mr. Mulligan was kind enough to use each of us for various demos.  He had me lead people through the 31 jo kata.

At one point Mr. Mulligan had us practicing with uke moving in from a distance quickly to deliver a roundhouse(yokomen).  The entry he wanted us to do though is not the first I'd think to do.  A little more challenging.  It's the one where you enter inside the strike and turn your back to uke.  I got some soft throws in from this position.  A couple of kokyunage.  Kotagaeshi.  A hold from behind.  Then at one point I fumbled what I was doing, smoothly went into a sankyo instead.... which uke turned into (arm behind the back) so I used that to pull him down.  To me that is a big part of aikido.... make lemonade out of lemons.  You need to be able to flow from one thing to another.


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