Saturday, March 25, 2017

Poof .... Another Week Went By

Was thinking about the last Friday night class a lot and I think I may know a way that I can get Bob's kaitenage to work for me.  And the thing is.... he may have been doing it and I never saw it.  I still don't think that would be my "go to" version but I am going to noodle around with it more to see what I can get out of it.

So It's been an interesting week.  Monday night, Rob taught and I was psyched to do a bunch of ikkyo again.  By the end of class I was making a lot of improvements.  I still don't have it down probably but I'm getting a lot more right about it.

Friday night this week Chris taught.  I like occasional cross training.  There is a lot to learn from other arts.  Chris has been cross training in Arnis for a while now.  I think it's really good for him.

However, I'm not sure what possessed him to spend an entire Aikido class teaching Arnis to us.  This is the second time that he incorporated Arnis within an Aikido class.  I think it's because he's been training in Aikido so long he finds the Arnis new and interesting.  For me though.... I find the aikido I'm striving to learn new and interesting.  Heck.... I'm learning ikkyo again.

So we worked on Arnis knife defenses mostly Friday night.  Not much to say about it.


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