Sunday, March 26, 2017

POW!!!! BAMM!!!!

Aren't those the noises you'd see in the batman tv show?  Sure are.  This is what Aikido was like this morning.

Peter was teaching a nice class.  He was focusing us on henka waza.  At one point we were starting with tsuki kotagaeshi and changing it into other things.  So I have David (a 3rd kyu) as a partner.  David isn't new but he can be a little random sometimes.  Most of the time he focuses on stuff really well and picks stuff up pretty fast.

For whatever reason, when David came in to strike he leaned his head way down.  While I was doing my tenkan and grabbing the top of his wrist I must have had my arm bent a little.  Between his head being down and my bent elbow, I solidly connected my elbow with his face.  It was a real solid hit.  Didn't hurt my elbow.... apparently didn't hurt David at all.  I caught him just under the eye.  Right on that bony ridge.  Left a small mark.  I ran off the mat and fetched an ice pack for him and had him chill out for a few minutes while I kept half an eye on him.  It's not bad enough that I managed to hit a fellow student.... he's about 15 years old.

I apologized profusely to him.  Then when his mother came to drive him home I let her know so she could keep an eye on him.  It really wasn't painful for him but I still felt bad.  I also suggested to him that when striking he not over commit quite so much.  If he were striking more realistically, his head would never have been there.

He finished out class no problem.

The other Chris showed up to class this morning.  He was looking for kazushi and when he couldn't find it, rather than searching for it he would use an atemi to create it.  Obviously I have no problem with atemi but really... we should be looking for other answers first and add the atemii later.


At August 16, 2017 2:19 AM, Anonymous Nick K. said...

Both funny an informative haha. I can definitely relate to the first day on the mat scene! It kinda comes out of no where.


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