Monday, March 06, 2017

Sunday Morning Practice

I came in a good 20 minutes early so I had plenty of time to wrestle my hakama on.  Peter dislikes students getting on the mat late.  So I get there and Peter is cleaning something so I join in and start cleaning.... then I start cleaning the kamiza.  By the time I finished, I realize that everyone had already headed to the dressing room and now I'm running late.  Putting the hakama slowed me down a little so I get waved in during stretching.

I remembered how Bob was suggesting I tie it.  His way which he said he learned from Sekiya Sensei was easy enough for me to remember.  I actually like some aspects of it.  Glad I got over my impatience and learned something when he tried to show it to me.  Can't remember the little finishing knot at the end but one thing at a time.

Peter had us doing mostly cross handed grab for an attack.  We did a bunch of stuff that all made sense to me.  Then he found his way into a hip throw I didn't get.  I found my way into several hip throws but none of them were the one he showed.  It's so hard to think on Sunday morning.  Just not awake yet.

I had one amusing thing happen.  Peter (the student) has a healing shoulder that he wants people to watch out for.  So he has it marked off with red tape.  So, when I do kaitenage on that side I don't lever his arm up.  Instead, I'll tuck his arm to his hip and push his hip.  Twice, when he took the ukemi, he didn't stay ahead of me and tumbled to the ground.  He didn't take ukemi.  He just let himself get pushed to the ground.  So, on the next round I stopped so he could have some time to take ukemi.  On that one he did fine and rolled out.... but then told me that my technique had a gap where I paused.  I internally shook my head.  I paused so he would take proper ukemi.  I mentioned this to him.  I told him he should try and keep up with the (no so fast pace) of the technique.

So here you have a case of someone who has been around a while and still had zero sensitivity for ukemi.  We really need to teach people ukemi.


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