Sunday, April 30, 2017

Peter Is Always Surprising Me

Just when I thought I've seen all of Peter's repertoire he pulls out something different,

There was a bunch of stuff he did today that seemed very different.  I'm real curious where he got the inspiration.  Was it old stuff that he hasn't done in years?  Did he see this on a video somewhere?  Did he independently come up with this on his own?   No idea.

Now, I've seen these techniques before but never from Peter.  Or really... anyone at Shodokan.

An example.... a simple kaitenage from a wrist grab.  While moving back, bring the hand up to the outside for an ikkyo kind of feel, then back and down and back.  This draws uke forward and makes him lower his head.

Another......  uke comes in dynamically for a ryotetori attack.  Nage moves back with it a little, gets that ikkyo like motion again with the inside arm and throws uke back the way he came.  Another variation where you pivot on one foot as this is occurring and uke is sent in the other direction.  Come to think of it, I did this during my last test.  Actually, I think I've seen this one from Bob as well as Matt now that I think of it.

Great class this morning.


Friday night was not busy at Shodokan but the phones were.  I show up and no other students are there.  One is away.... another called his back out, someone else called to say they couldn't come.

So I hang around anyway for a bit to see if anyone shows.  Then Bob comes ready to teach.  It was just me at that point so I told him I didn't mind if he wanted to bail.... even if someone does actually show.  He walked in looking pretty stiff and wrung out.  Although in retrospect, maybe I should have encouraged him to hit the mat.  Might have loosened him up to move around some.

So Bob is leaving.....   In walks Christine.  She said Dave is still in the car.  I thought.... great.... lets get on the mat and do something.  Christine goes downstairs, Dave comes up.  He tells me that they aren't going to stay because there isn't a "class" being taught.  REALLY?!  Both of them are Shodan, same as me and although I've probably been more consistent over the years, they've been practicing longer than me.  You're telling me we couldn't have come up with something to noodle around with??

So, either they think they can't learn unless someone is teaching them, or maybe they just saw an opportunity for a free night and took it.  I've always attempted to pay attention while I practice.  I'm very mindful.  Sometimes, I learn from looking at what I and my partner are doing regardless of what teacher is in the room.  Sometimes I may learn that I suck at something.  Whatever..... but at least I am learning.  An open mat session is a real opportunity to practice things that you want.

Why would you walk out on that?