Friday, June 23, 2017

88 Degrees and All Is Well

Dojo got pretty hot tonight.  I can say though that this dojo is way better than the previous location.  That building got much hotter since it had no windows to speak of.

Bob taught tonight.  There were only 5 of us on the mat tonight but I got to see some faces I hadn't seen in a while.  That was good.

Bob kept things on the light side because of the high temperature.  Probably a good idea.  About halfway through class though I had adapted.... wouldn't have minded picking up the pace some.  Not sure how everyone else would have done though.  I'm massively out of shape right now.

Tonight we worked on a kaitenage ki building exercise..... a kokyunage and a sumi otoshi kind of technique.

At one point John was my partner.  He was concerned that doing the technique would make nage susceptible to a punch from the other hand.  My thought was that if you got proper kazushi than this wouldn't be a problem.  He disagreed and was going on at length.  So I simply listened.  Is he right?  Maybe, however, I want to practice the technique being shown so I can understand it.... not change it right on the spot because I think I see a hole.  Maybe Bob can do the technique without the hole.  That's why we need to practice it.  Not immediately judge it.  Good thing to be mindful of this kind of thing during practice but you shouldn't in my opinion stop you from trying to explore a technique.  maybe I have a hole but the instructor doesn't.  Maybe John saw the hole with his own technique.  I have no idea.


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