Sunday, June 11, 2017

I Taught Once More

Peter is still away on vacation.  So, Mr. Mulligan asked me to teach the same class I taught that Friday night.

So, mostly I did the same class.  I did add a couple of techniques though. I added hiki otoshi because  thought it fit in well with the rest of the class.

Then I added maki otoshi because I went mad with power and wanted to practice maki otoshi.

We had a mixed class of experienced folks, middle of the road folks and a beginner.  So these were good because they can be rolled out of if nage lets them.

After class I helped Chris by taking ukemi for his practice for his next test.  Chris had a cool start to a wakagatami.  He started it out doing an ikkyo where he purposely dropped me "into the hole".  It was awesome.  I told him I am still on a search to get that feeling with other techniques.

No exact idea how everyone else felt but I had a blast practicing those.  I did speak to the beginner a bit after class to let him know that some of what we were doing were advanced techniques, that he shouldn't feel as though he would have to get them 100% right now.  He was actually doing quite well after a couple corrections.  I just wanted to make sure he left the class feeling like he did ok.

The experienced person told me they think they got something out of the class and the guy with 2 years experience seemed pretty jazzed at seeing something he never saw before.  Actually, he looked at me a little different then normal because he realized that my pool of knowledge for aikido is deeper than he was assuming.  Usually he just gets to see me confused in class.


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