Friday, June 09, 2017


Bob taught tonight.  We did some responses for a punch to the face.  A couple Iriminage variations.

Then he had Tony doing 5 responses to a yokomenuchi attack.  He was doing random stuff but nothing unusual.  Bob then had me partner with him as he was doing taiotoshi.  A very direct version.  Tony does them at speed and often judo style.  He pulls you down quickly so there is a ton of force from the throw.  It's not the happy aiki version that is fun to practice.

Not sure if I got partnered with him so he could practice with a partner who can handle him or what.  But... we stayed on that throw for quite a while.  It got to the point where Tony was tired of throwing me.

If nothing else I really got a good workout tonight.  Did much better on staying with it aerobically.  I'm hoping Monday night was a fluke.

Sunday should be interesting.  Mr. Mulligan said Peter is still away and asked me to teach the same class I taught last Friday night.

Should be fun.  I'm going to make everyone work on being thoughtful about proper j-steps again.  Because it's my pet peeve and I've gone mad with power.


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