Sunday, June 25, 2017

Yay Pete Is Back

But one of his knees isn't.  He's having some trouble with it.  Hopefully he gets better soon.

Today he did a variety of techniques.  At one point he had us do tsuki sumiotoshi.  This was a technique I did when I taught in order to stress the j-step.  Was hoping everyone was mindful today.  I had Peter as a partner.  He's got about 2 years under his belt.  He was doing the version where you throw down instead of the projection.  I started to suggest to him that Pete showed it as a projection and he may want to try it that way.  Then Pete came over and said we should throw down so that Peter can practice his breakfalls.  So we do a few.  I would love for him to get a chance to do more but class ended.  He really needs the practice.  One side was ok but needed work.  The other side was barrel rolling time.

I don't like to say much when Pete is teaching.  He is very traditional and doesn't like it when someone else presumes to teach when he is leading class.  Out of respect for him I typically keep my mouth shut but I often want to help my fellow students on techniques or ukemi.


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