Saturday, November 18, 2017

Fun Friday Class And a Thank You

Peter taught Friday night.  There is this series of throws he likes to do that's a lot of fun.  Ryotetori grab dynamically.  You tenshin step then step forward.... the hands are just leading uke forward and them around back the other way.  There are a few variations on this he does.  They are fun fr ukemi too.  You can feel the changes in direction.  Maybe we will do more of this on Sunday if there is time.

For the past couple months we've had someone visiting from Greece.  We call him Theo for short.  He's been showing up to a lot of my Sunday classes and the night or two I had to teach on other nights, he was there.  So he has seen lots of me.  Last night before class he presented me with a card and gift to thank me for teaching.  I told him it was totally unnecessary but he wanted to give me something for being his "sensei" while he was here.  His teacher.  I thanked him.  There have been a lot of people over the years that I've learned from.  Some teachers, some fellow students.  They all deserve a thank you.

During class Theo mistook my ukemi for a problem.  He was going for udekiminage... and was looking for the right spot to apply pressure.  As soon as he got it... it was strong so I reacted instantly and moved up and closer to him.  He just as quickly let it go, afraid he was going to hurt me.  I told him it was fine... I didn't expect or need for him to let it go.  I was just staying a moment ahead of the technique.  I'm not going to wait and endanger my elbow.  I'm going to move.  My reaction was extremely fast though so I think that scared him.


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