Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Great Sunday Class

Did a similar class to the past couple weeks.  Stressing kazushi.  At one point I wanted to push Peter's ukemi just a bit and see if he could try a shihonage breakfall from kneeling.  So I did a hanme handache version of shihonage for him.  He tries to leap into the air and somehow barrels out(he's bending at the waist).  It's not quite there yet.  We talked about him going more up and over.  Maybe next week we will do breakfalls over the jo.

For some people breakfalling when someone "has" you is more difficult than when you are just doing them on your own.  This is the case here.  He's made such huge progress the past few months I don't doubt that he will get there sooner or later.

My biggest problem with teaching this ukemi is that one of the regular students has a major back issue.  I don't force him to ever do breakfalls now.  I don't want him doing anything that will mess with his back.  Usually I pick things he can roll out of if he wants.  On Sunday I had him and someone else doing one thing while I worked with Peter on ukemi across the mat.

I had an interesting thing happen sort of by accident.  All along I was describing how I want them to think about taking balance before doing a technique.  I was talking to Peter at the time and said... "ya if you wanted to instead of a technique you could do anything".  At one point I showed how you could drape your arm over uke's shoulder and turn your hips to throw.  But right after I told him I wanted the feeling of this.... then from in front of him, I placed my forearm on his chest(he's taller than I am by a lot) with my hand loose on his shoulder... and then somehow pushed down through him(using no strength at all).  My center was definitely attack his center.  He was driven down and back.  He took a couple steps back and his eyes went wide with surprise.  Surprised me that it worked as well as it did.  I used no muscle and for sure it was my center attacking his.  It felt right too.  I wonder if I can do that twice.


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