Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What To Do In A Bar

Joanna taught tonight.  She chose to do a theme of what to do if you're in a bar and someone does... x.

There were 4 of us aside from her.  All black belts.

The class warmed up with some line work.  I haven't felt Joanna in a while but for some reason she wasn't really throwing tonight.  She was stopping just before the throw.  I felt that from her several times.  Not sure if she's practicing or just teaching nowadays.  She had a bad injury to her neck.  I don't think it's healed up totally.

For one warm up the line did kaitenage.  Just about every single person in that class slammed my forearm down with great force.  Now... there were varying degrees of technique after that.... but after class I gotta say, my forearm is sore.  Thing of it is.... the whacking just isn't necessary.  Very clashy.  Very hard art, like karate.

We did some controls.  when nikkyo came up I gave Dave a little feedback.... he was supporting my wrist a lot so he was doing nothing.  After my suggestion he started doing better.

All in all the class felt pretty rough.  Osotogari was specifically taught.  It's not aikido but again.... this group of black belts wants street effectiveness.  I actually like that technique.

I kept my mouth shut the whole class..... not my class to teach.  I got my practice in.  I feel like these people chose aikido to study but don't believe it works.

There is one other thing I finally noticed.  We had a black belt test a while back.  They guy did well enough, especially considering his age.  Not sure why I hadn't seen a passing result for him.  It is true that he does a lot of things not ideal.... and will never do things textbook.  So... do you pass someone with the thought that he is the best he can be?  Really, the test is supposed to indicate his knowledge of the syllabus.  I thought he did that.  Was everything refined and perfect?  Hell no and never will be.  Maybe he should never have been asked to test in the first place.  He didn't even want to test.  He was dragged into it.  I'm just surprised they haven't given him some feedback.  If they don't pass him they should have at least told him why so he can work on it if he wants.


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