Sunday, December 03, 2017

Had a Good Class. Asked People to Move

We were missing Peter today but had a good class.  I focused the class on ukemi.  Not anything fancy such as falling or stuff like that.  Just wanted to focus on moving.  Too many people don't move enough for their ukemi.  They let themselves stay rooted or get out of position.  So I had us do techniques like ....

Yokomenuchi kotagaeshi
shomenuchi sankyo
Shomenuchi koshinage

Each one of these has an element of ukemi where it's good for uke to move depending on the circumstances.  The kotagaeshi, you are stepping back off the line as you are doing it.   Uke gets way stretched out and is in no great position for a decent ukemi.  The best bet is to slide in as uke as you feel your wrist being taken further out.  You put yourself in a position where you can do a comfortable breakfall or sit down.

The shomenuchi sankyo went through ikkyo.  Once the control was on I asked ukes to move and not just stand there and tap out.  It is possible to do sankyo in such a way to lead uke around or get them stuck so that you can do a pin after.  I wanted some cooperation from uke so that he would just move when he felt the sankyo control moving him.

For the koshi, I suggested that uke can move an inch to the left or right or alter an angle if need be.  And even go up on their toes.  You can move as uke to make the throw more comfortable.  If the partners want they can give feedback so as to improve their positioning. 

Also was covered was the concept of bailing out on a technique too early.  Ukemi is a balance of staying in as long as you can within the technique while trying to protect yourself at the same time.

Wish Peter could have come to class today, he could have benefited.

I asked people in the class if they want to continue doing aiki principles and I got a yes.  Wasn't sure if I was boring them and they just wanted a class with random techniques.  Wasn't feeling like a very good teacher last week.  Doing better today.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Open Mat Time

Bob was in Friday night but caught up in dojo admin stuff.  There was only Tony and I tonight.  Tony wanted to go real slow.  He didn't even want to do rolls for the most part.  I'm guessing his back wasn't ideal.  So we took turns picking techniques and did a whole range of stuff.  Everything from kokyunage to koshinage(no throw though).

I tried to focus on taking his balance.   Tony at times was doing the same.  At other times falling into old muscle memory patterns.  But it was definitely a fun night.  People who didn't come totally missed out.