Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sunday Switched Gears

It was just Chris and I on Sunday.  So I started us off with an aiki principle thing.  I think he likes those because he doesn't see much of it.

All I wanted to do was show that if we have a hand grab... and we take the slack out of the arm by moving back a little(just shifting weight).   You can then cut palm up across uke's face height.  No more than shoulder to shoulder.  And uke will be turned away from you as if you had the start of a shihonage on them.  We were noodling around with that until Ryan showed up.

Ryan's aikido is very direct and uses a lot of muscle.  Being in excellent physical shape makes that easy for him.  I let him attempt the technique we were doing for a while.... then I changed course.

Ryan likes more direct and what he perceives as more 'useful' aikido.  The interesting thing is he believes in kazushi but usually gets it via force at the moment.  So.. a while back I had Peter in my class.  I know they work together and Peter recently surprised me with some very nice ukemi.  So I wanted to see where Ryan was.  He's a high ranking kyu.

So I had us doing kotagaeshi from all kinds of attacks and suggested he show me breakfalls.  Not once during the entire class did I see him do a breakfall..... so at the end of class I asked him to show me one.  He wanted to pull out the crash mat (a thick extra soft mat) and tried one and I instantly understood.  He's not comfortable doing those falls yet.  He said no one was really stressing or trying to teach him that.  I told him if he comes on Sunday's we can work on it together.  I had no idea.  The reason Peter's ukemi improved is because he was uke for Ryan and was getting thrown a lot.

Makes me want to hold ukemi classes for a while.  These guys really need to learn to keep themselves safe.


At January 17, 2018 6:04 PM, Blogger Scott Zrubek said...

We've got a series of 14 techniques in an exercise group we call Kogure double-hand grabs. We have a shihonage as one of those. I don't have a video of that online that I could find (I have all 14 on DVD and need to re-record them for youtube), but I do have a video of a kotegaeshi.

Have a look, if you feel so inclined. Tori is about 90% blind.


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